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Open Water Swimming

As and when conditions and temperatures allow, and depending on the hardiness of the attendees, sea swimming takes place off Milford.

During the summer months members meet at 6:30pm on Friday evenings at the car park by the Needles Eye cafe. We are also looking to set up club meets on Sunday mornings during the summer months – we will update the website when finalised

Open water swimming can be fun, challenging and potentially risky so please ensure you are aware and act on the following protocol when swimming with the club:

  • Wear a brightly coloured swimming cap preferably yellow, red or orange
  • If you are in trouble raise your hand to indicate you are in distress
  • Swim in a group and do a body count in and out of the water
  • Identify and swim with a buddy of similar ability and take account regularly where they are in the water (50m max from each other) and if they exit the water
  • Have a person on shore monitoring the swim with a mobile phone and number for the coastguard in case of an emergency Acclimatise to cold water gradually.
  • Take warm clothes to put on afterwards
  • Wetsuits add buoyancy and warmth.  We recommend you use one even in summer
  • Become a stronger swimmer; improve fitness in the pool first before venturing into open water
  • Always go in sober
  • Whenever swimming in open water, safety is the number one priority.  Do not hesitate to abort a swim if you feel it is not safe
  • Always be alert and look around as you look for and listen for watercraft