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Cycling time trial results 2019

Times are shown in minutes for a course of approximately 7 miles (11.28 km)

* = Personal best (noted from Feb 2015)

(2Up event)
SeptemberOctober - 22 TT
October - 22TT
Henry Lloyd Williams17:35-----17:35*--
Matthew Brearley17:5518:34-18:20--18:5618:5537:43
Mike Turner17:5618:33-------
Ricky Evans18:52---18:58
Roger Middle19:02--19:37-----
Jamie Pope19:14--------
Paul Cox19:18-20:3119:18*-----
Perry Letcher19:2419:58-19:24*---20:1940:38
Tim Woodford19:5319:53*20:37------
Moz Malpiedi19:5521:02-20:1219:55*20:2920:1640:18
2Up Moz Malpiedi and Ron Wilson20:17 avg individual times--20:00
Guy Pumphrey20:03-----20:46--
Anna Brearley20:06--------
Richard Edwards20:0821:4821:22------
Ron Wilson20:2921:02-------
Neil Carden20:3020:30*-----20:1940:38
Neil Richardson20:42-23:32-21:10*-22:0143:33
Mel Hobson20:48-22:4921:28-----
2Up Mel Hobson and Barbara Walton-----22:27---
Toni Cox20:50--20:50*---21:5242:39
Paul Vye21:3924:52-------
Derek Lee21:5222:42--23:23----
2Up Derek Lee and Malcolm Warne Holland -----23:39---
Bill Parsons22:4522:45*-------
PJ Stevens23:35--------
2Up Sarah Fox and Anna Brearley21:52 avg individual times----21:44---
Sarah Fox23:02------23:02*46:16
Jess Fitzwarren23:4423:44*-------
Rachel Oxby23:51--24:18--24:14--
2Up Rachel Oxby and Dan Oxby----22:53---
Sandy Glen24:08---24:08*24:14
2Up Sandie Tyler and Paula Higgins----28:21
Barbara Walton24:24------242419:18
Claire Carden24:2924:29-----24:4250:05
Alison Parsons25:1725:17*-------
Katrina Turner26:5730:59---
Trudy Lloyd-Williams26:29------26:29-
Steph Glen27:18---27:18*----
Paula Higgins29:41------29:41-
Ellen Urwin30:36---30:36*
2Up Ellen Urwin + Steph Glen28:57 avg individual times----29:28