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LTC H22 Qualifiers

Those who did a single lap are marked with an X. Their first lap is doubled and thirty seconds added on.

H22 Qualifier 1 Results Р17th June 2018

NameLap 1Lap 2Total
John Paulson18:0818:5837:06
Matthew Brearley19:1519:5039:05
Richard Edwards21:2021:2642:46
Guy Pumphrey21:1321:3942:52
Roger Middle20:3925:4646:25
Vincent Cook22:4924:1147:00
Clare Carden26:1027:3453:44

H22 Qualifier 2 Results – 30th June 2018

NameLap 1Lap 2Total
John Paulson17:2517:3134:56
Richard Edwards20:1320:3540:48
Jamie Pope20:43X41:46
Moz Malpeidi21:1720:4542:02
Bill Parsons21:5822:2544:23
Perry Letcher23:16X44:24
Emily Batt22:4023:0845:48
Harvey Parsons22:4324:0446:47
Sarah Fox23:24X47:18
Racheal Oxby24:1324:3348:46
Jess Fitzwarren24:09X48:48

H22 Qualifier 3 Results – 22nd July 2018

NameLap 1Lap 2Total
Nicola Roper20:0819:5139:59
Richard Edwards20:2321:2841:51
Conrad Kelly20:5821:1742:15
Matt Cafferky21:42X43:54
Mel Hobson22:0322:2244:25
Perry Letcher22:5423:5646:50
Sarah Fox22:4724:1647:03
Sanrda 24:45X50:32
Rachael Oxby25:01X50:32
Jess Fitzwarren25:1525:4450:59

H22 Qualifier 4 Results – 5th August 2018

NameLap 1Lap 2Total
Richard Edwards20:3720:2741:04
Perry Letcher21:0720:5642:03