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LTC Wednesday Night World Championships

If you’ve found this page, we both know why you are here…

The LTC Wednesday Night World Championships are a series of evening cycling time trials held on the usual LTC TT course of 11km or 7 miles. Riders start in order of signing up, ride the course with a rear light and finish with a smile on their face.

The rules are short and simple:

  1. Rear lights and helmets are compulsory – arrive without either or both and your time for the course will not be recorded.
  2. You must arrive before 1855 – this gives you time to sign-up and warm-up. Entry list will close five minutes before the first rider departs and no further entries will be accepted after this time.
  3. The first rider will depart at 1900 – following riders will start in 1-minute intervals in the order of signing up – If you need to go off first to get home for supper, make sure you arrive nice and early to sign up!
  4. Please park away from the start – If arriving by car, please park by the New Forest Pony Sales or Beaulieu Road Station to keep the start area as clear and safe as possible for riders

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round 1 results
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round 2 results
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round 3 results

Abi Smith25:08-25:08-
Clare Carden24:37--24:37*
Conrad Kelly21:15-21:2521:19
Guy Hainsworth22:16-22:2822:16*
Jess Fitzwarren25:5025:5025:29-
John Paulson17:17--17:46
Katrina Turner26:5729:3227:23-
Matt Cafferky20:55-20:55-
Mel Hobson20:4821:5021:1621:19
Mike Turner17:5619:0620:0418:51
Neil Carden20:53--20:53*
Nikki Roper19:34-19:34-
Oli Stacey20:3320:5120:33-
Paul Vye21:3924:2923:3422:59
Rach Oxby23:5125:35--
Richard Edwards20:0820:29-20:14
Ronan Grealish18:3718:37--
Sandie Tyler26:31-26:3126:42
Tim Townsend18:48-18:48*-
Tim Woodford20:0720:07*-25:19